Normally, this section is dedicated to shilling one’s life story: their triumphs, tribulations, adoration for a copy of Aurelius’ Mediations that have gathered more dust than oil. It’s stale news. Who cares?

What matters is the site. And this website is dedicated to writing rather than the ideas it presents; the off-the-cuff responses to conversations I have with people who I haunt as much as they haunt me.

Each article is subject to revisions, divisions, and any updates since at the time of writing I likely have little idea of what I’m talking about, and probably never will. To give each thought its justice requires more reading and debate than I’m willing to put in before hitting that glorious “Publish” button. But don’t worry I tell myself “one day I will.”

Plus, Google loves those updates.

This site really exists because I wanted an outlet with only one editor: me. I know many writers who praise their editors as missionaries, but most editors I’ve worked would get the Caesar-treatment—minus one who could calmly rationalize his marks. Also, I never learned patience for submissions.

Each of the articles on the site will, if they don’t already, feature a one-of-a-kind artistic rendering by yours truly. Whenever I figure out how to graduate from crude pencil drawings to ink, I’ll be featuring those too. Feel free to relish in the amateur stencils I’ve scanned with my unwanted HP printer.